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Version 1.3.2

Updates to 1.3.2 from 1.3.1

  • Replaced SidPlay2/Windows with improved CL version
    Due to popular demand.

Updates to 1.3.1 from 1.3

  • Fixed bug that prevented folder changing in continuous play
  • Fixed Title/Author/Release Date on certain SIDs
  • Fixed disabled stop button when starting SID on PlayList

Updates to 1.3 from

  • Updated WinVice to V 2.0
  • Added subsong support to WinVice (Thanks assiduous)
  • Added options to disable auto play function when clicking any entry
    (User requested feature for easier playlist building)
  • Added thread priority selector (Feature request)

Updates to from 1.2.3

  • Fixed a little bug with Hoxs64 subsongs

Updates to 1.2.3 from 1.2.2

  • Fixed possible multi load/display of STIL.txt
  • Fixed possible missing extension when saving PlayList
  • Forced alphabetical sort of Composer/Sid list

Updates to 1.2.2 from 1.2.1

  • Now supports spaces in HVSC path
  • Fixed possible infinite loop
  • Check SID exists prior playing (HVSC changes)
  • Now remembers STIL enabled/last Sid Player used

Updates to 1.2 from 1.2.1

  • Fixed a bug that prevented folder change in cont play mode since 1.1.1
  • Search DB Updated to HVSC v48
  • Minor GUI fixes (Shuffle/Random boxes activity)

Updates to 1.2 from 1.1.1

  • Check against spaces in HVSC Path
  • About Box updated
  • Minor fixes

Updates to 1.1.1 from 1.0

  • Support for Hoxs64
  • Overhauled start/stop methods
  • GUI Updates
  • Last SID file missing in list bug fixed
  • ini file converted to XML
  • Shuffle play for Playlist added

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